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3 Things To Leave Behind in 2022

Besides bleached eyebrows, obv.

January 13, 2023

Was it just us or did 2022 get...pretty weird? 

Now that it’s 2023, we’re in vision-board mode and so excited for the year to come. With every new year comes the chance to start afresh and change your life. So we’re making some edits. Here are three things we’re leaving behind in 2022, and why you should do the same. 

Judgmental people

You know the type. The friend who somehow always makes you feel bad about yourself, even when you have good news, like a promotion or new relationship. The coworker who pokes fun at the other women you work with because of how they look or what they wear. The guy friend who declares that he likes “natural” women and that you shouldn’t wear “so much makeup.” It’s time to either step away from these people or keep them at arm’s length. It’s not a good vibe, and the people you want in your life are the people who are so confident in themselves that they don’t need to tear others down. 

In 2023, seek out your tribe of people who support you and want the best for you. Choose to spend time with people who make you feel at ease, and who celebrate your successes with you–because you’d totally do the same for them.

Self doubt

Could it be that the terrible judgmental friend is…wait for it…you? 

Let’s be real. A lot of us have a wickedly mean inner critic. We’ve grown up in a society where no matter what women do, someone somewhere will criticize it. Is it any wonder that we’ve come to internalize this criticism? That inner critic works hard to keep us conforming to a bunch of contradictory and exhausting standards. When she starts to completely dominate your inner monologue, she keeps you from enjoying life and achieving to your fullest potential. If self doubt is holding you back, 2023 is the time to work through that with a therapist or counselor. Don’t lose another year to the mean voice inside your head. 

2023 is the year to cultivate self-belief. This doesn’t mean you should become arrogant or refuse to acknowledge your limitations. It means believing in yourself enough to go after what you truly want in life. Start thinking of yourself as someone who deserves the things she wants. 

Putting other people before ourselves

Spoiler alert: This always backfires. What’s challenging is that putting yourself first takes work. It takes making and enforcing boundaries around your time. It takes some planning ahead. It takes refusing to do more than your fair share of work on a team, in a relationship, or in a friendship. Putting yourself first inevitably means you will disappoint people. But if you don’t put yourself first, you’ll end up burned out and exhausted. 

This year, protect your time and energy. Whether it means blocking off an hour in your calendar that says “meeting” but is really time for you to do deep-focused work, making a commitment to exercise regularly, or actually taking your PTO–there are lots of practical ways to set aside time for yourself so you don’t end up burned out.

Here’s to a glam, thriving, and happy 2023!

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