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5 MedSpa Myths, Debunked

No, you can’t get a mud wrap there, but you can transform how you look and feel.

April 8, 2024

We don’t know why it started, but all this misunderstanding about what a MedSpa is has to stop. MedSpas are our fave places on earth–we’re biased–but here are the five myths we hear all the time, and the surprising truths about them. It’s time to put these myths to bed, for real. 

Myth: MedSpas are the same as day spas.

Both MedSpas and day spas may offer aesthetic services like facials, makeup application, and waxing. But MedSpas also offer medical treatments that require licensed medical professionals to do safely. These include: chemical peels, microneedling, advanced facials, lasers, and non-surgical body sculpting. Day spas, on the other hand, offer services like massage, body wraps, holistic facials, saunas, and cold plunge. Day spas are the place to go if you want some old-fashioned relaxation. But for any high-octane beauty treatment, MedSpas are the way to go.  

Myth: MedSpas are all girly-girly and I won’t feel comfortable there if I’m a guy. 

Fact: There are some MedSpas out there with a more feminine design aesthetic, it’s true. But many of them are designed to be welcoming for everyone, since men have been getting Botox for a long time, too! Men can benefit from the same treatments as women, so don’t be afraid of “sticking out." If you’re a guy who wants to try jawline filler or sculpt your abs with Emsculpt Neo, then head to the MedSpa–it might surprise you how not-girly it is!

Myth: MedSpas aren’t as trustworthy as plastic surgery clinics. 

Fact: In ye olden days, the best place to get injectables like Botox or filler, or other minimally invasive treatments, was the plastic surgeon’s office. Medical clinics headed by board certified plastic surgeons are still great places to go for these treatments. But if you want an atmosphere that’s less clinical and more inviting, MedSpas are perfect for you. You can get the treatments you want from licensed medical professionals at MedSpas, in an environment that's relaxing, like a traditional spa is. 

Myth: You can only get aesthetic treatments at MedSpas. 

Fact: Many MedSpas offer treatments that go beyond just beauty. IV therapy, weight loss support, and tattoo removal are some of the most common. Plus, a lot of injectables used for aesthetic purposes are also used for health reasons. Take Botox, for example. It can treat everything from TMJ to migraines to excessive sweating, while PRP and PRF injections can support healing from injuries (that’s what they were originally created for). MedSpas are the new holistic wellness centers that support your overall health and well being.


Myth: It’s really hard to book treatments at MedSpas because you have to call around looking for availability.

Fact: Not anymore! That’s how it used to be. But now, thanks to the Upkeep app, everything is different. You can book MedSpa treatments through the Upkeep app in just a few taps of your finger. Plus, you can compare availability at MedSpas in your area and pick a treatment time that works best for you! Same-day and next day appointments are available, too, so you don’t have to wait around to get the treatment you want. The future of advanced aesthetics is here–stop waiting on hold, and book with Upkeep on the App Store or Google Play!

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