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8 Things No One Tells You About Getting Botox

Number 3 might shock you.

December 30, 2022

Are you thinking about getting Botox for the first time?

We know it can be scary! But don’t let fear of the unknown stop you from achieving your beauty goals. That’s why we’re here to tell you what to expect–because the more you know about the process, the less you have to fear. Plus, we have some after-care tips, too. 

How much Botox hurts depends on where you’re getting the injection.

Forehead Botox basically feels like nothing. It’s comparable to getting snapped with a rubber band–annoying, but the discomfort fades away almost instantaneously. Botox can hurt more around your eye area where the skin is thinner and more sensitive, or in a ‘lip flip’ by your lips, where you have more sensitive nerves. But when it comes to most areas of the face, the discomfort of Botox is manageable and really quick. Seriously, getting forehead Botox takes as much time as watching maybe one TikTok. 

Avoid drinking alcohol or taking blood thinners before your treatment. 

To minimize bruising at the injection sites, you’ll want to avoid things that can thin your blood. These include alcohol, omega-3 oil supplements, and NSAID painkillers (like ibuprofen and aspirin). If you are on blood-thinners for a specific medical reason (such as high blood pressure), talk to your doctor before pausing any prescription medication. 

You may briefly look like you have devil horns on your forehead. 

If you get Botox on your forehead, you may get some pointed bumps around the injection site directly afterwards (like little devil horns). This does not mean you are having an allergic reaction. It is completely normal and will resolve fast–typically within an hour. It’s important not to touch these little bumps–for one thing, it keeps the injection site clean, and for another, your treatment provider has placed the Botox in specific areas. Touching your forehead afterwards may move the Botox around in ways that weren’t intended by your provider. 

Results from Botox will take 5-7 days to show up. 

Initially, your treatment area won’t show any changes. It takes time for Botox to start working. So don’t get discouraged when you wake up the next day and your wrinkles are still there! A wrinkle-free future is just a few days away. 

Bruising from Botox is typically so mild that no one will notice. 

Even if you do get some bruising, it tends to be hardly noticeable. Continuing to avoid optional blood thinners for a few days post treatment is a good idea. You should also avoid vigorous exercise directly after your treatment. A light walk is fine; HIIT or weight training, not so much. 

You may have one side of your face that’s more “active”.

Something you may only figure out after getting Botox is that one side of your face might be naturally more active or stronger. Since Botox paralyzes the muscle, differences in strength can affect your results. This means you may need a touch more Botox around your left eye than your right, for instance. Facial asymmetry is normal, and once you know what side is stronger, you can get fine-tuning adjustments at your follow up appointment.

You might get fewer headaches. 

One of the benefits of Botox in the forehead and or/jaw is the alleviation of chronic aches and pains. If you’re a frequent sufferer of tension headaches, Botox in your forehead won’t just smooth your wrinkles, it may also reduce your headache symptoms! Similarly, TMJ sufferers who get Botox in their masseter (jaw) muscle typically report improvement of symptoms like jaw pain, teeth grinding, and stiffness. Botox often does double duty as a beauty treatment and a treatment that relieves pain. 

You’re going to want to come back for more. 

When you get Botox from the best injectors, the results will make you look refreshed and supple. Whether you’re after a slimmer jaw line, a smoother forehead, or a wrinkle-free smile, Botox really can give you the results you’ve always wanted. Your confidence is going to increase more than you thought possible! 

That’s why you need the Upkeep app. With Upkeep, you can book your Botox appointment with just a few taps–no waiting on hold to book MedSpa treatments or calling around or reading Google reviews trying to determine if a provider is legit. Our network of providers is highly selective, because you deserve only the best. We’re on a mission to make beauty simplified and stress-free. Download Upkeep today to book your first Botox appointment–you won’t believe how easy it is to achieve your beauty goals. 

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