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All About Upkeep's Wedding Prep Package

We’re helping you look your best when you walk down the aisle.

February 27, 2023

Planning your wedding is stressful. Looking good for the big day shouldn’t be. But we know it’s super important to brides to look their absolute best–those pictures are forever! That’s why Upkeep has a wedding prep package, so you don’t have to stress over one more thing. This treatment package covers the MedSpa treatments you’ll most likely want or need in the run-up to the big day, all of which are non-invasive or minimally invasive with minimal downtime–the kind of treatments you can fit into your busy life that will make you look and feel more beautiful.

Here’s what treatments are included and when to get them:

8 months out: Tighten and firm with Morpheus8 

Morpheus8 is a powerful minimally invasive treatment for improving skin firmness and tightness. It combines the technology of microneedling with radiofrequency heat. Each of these technologies complement each other, leading to even more dramatic results. Increased collagen and elastane production means your skin will be tighter and firmer for up to a year after your treatment, and possibly even longer. But it isn’t recommended for use on areas with dermal filler, so Morpheus8 should be done first, before getting filler. You’ll need three sessions spaced a month apart. There can be some mild side effects like photosensitivity, but the results make it worth it. Plus, it will improve skin quality so much–especially for issues like smile lines–that you may not need as much dermal filler as you might expect. 

5 months out: Define your features with dermal fillers

Fillers (like Juvederm or Restylane) last a long time–up to a year on average–so they aren't as time-sensitive as some other treatments. But for about a week after your injections, you may experience some swelling while your body adjusts. That’s why we recommend getting filler five months out from your wedding date. That way, your results will be relatively fresh. If you want to touch up your filler, we recommend doing so 2-3 months before your wedding. 

5 months out: Treat skin tone and texture concerns

When it comes to skin treatments that resurface and even out skin tone, the treatment type and schedule depends on your treatment goals. Both of the treatments Upkeep offers–chemical peels and microneedling–should commence five months before your wedding date. Here’s a quick breakdown about each treatment:

Chemical peels: Best for light resurfacing

If you’re looking to even out your skin tone, reduce the appearance of dark spots, and/or treat breakouts, chemical peels are a great option. These tried-and-true treatments are available in light or medium strengths (deep peels are for much more serious concerns). For many people, only one chemical peel is needed to see improvement. But depending on your treatment goals, a series of two or more may be recommended. We recommend stopping chemical peels for 2-3 weeks before your wedding–these treatments can cause redness and peeling afterwards, plus you’ll need to avoid sun exposure for a certain period of time. 

Microneedling: Best for acne scarring/post inflammatory pigmentation

Microneedling uses very tiny, very sharp needles that cause surface-level punctures in skin which triggers increased collagen production. It may also help with the dark spots or red spots left over from acne, and even pitted acne scars. Microneedling also makes your skin feel soft and bouncy afterwards, thanks to that collagen boost. Depending on the depth and severity of your post-inflammatory pigmentation, you may need several treatments. But the upside? Side effects are usually extremely mild and there’s very little downtime. 

3-4 months before: Use body sculpting treatments to make targeted improvements

All our non-invasive bodysculpting treatments take multiple sessions for best results and work best on a consistent schedule, usually one-two weeks apart. You can combine these treatments and use different ones for different areas, depending on your goals. Here are your options:

For targeted fat loss in specific areas: CryoSlim

CryoSlim uses extreme cold to treat stubborn fat. When very cold temperatures are applied to the treatment area, it causes some of the fat cells to die and the body permanently removes them. Common treatment areas include the belly, thighs, and back. 

For building muscle and burning fat simultaneously: Emsculpt NEO

Emsculpt NEO combines radiofrequency heat and electromagnetic pulses to burn fat and build muscle at the same time. This next-gen treatment is great for defining and shaping the abs, thighs and glutes. Just one thirty minute session delivers the same results as doing 20,000 squats or sit-ups, because the electromagnetic pulses are able to stress your muscles even more effectively than exercise. You can also opt to turn off the radiofrequency and just build muscle. 

For reducing the appearance of cellulite, tightening loose skin, or building muscle: Evolve

Evolve is actually a series of three treatment modalities, each of which treat different concerns. 

Evolve Tite helps to tighten loose skin from weight loss, pregnancy, or aging. Evolve Trim helps reduce the appearance of cellulite by reducing fat cells in a targeted area. And Evolve Tone uses electromagnetic technology to build muscle. One of the big upsides of Evolve is that you can have multiple areas treated at once–all the treatment modalities are centered on the same machine. This saves you time and helps you reach your goals faster!

4-8 weeks out: Treat wrinkles with neuromodulators

If you’ve ever had Botox before, then you know that results take up to a week to take hold. In rare cases, you can also have some temporary drooping or wonkiness as well. That’s why you want to build in enough time post-Botox in case this happens. By 4 weeks post injection, your Botox should look settled. Since it wears off after 3-4 months, you also don’t want to get it done too far in advance–8 weeks out is the max allowance we’d recommend. 

1 week-5 days out: Pamper yourself with a Hydrafacial

Right before the event, you’ll want a glow-boosting treatment that will make you look even better in photographs. You’ll also want an excuse to put your phone on Do-Not-Disturb for an hour and decompress–it’s so busy just before the big day! That’s why the Hydrafacial is the perfect treatment for the week of the wedding. It’s a gentle, relaxing facial available in 60 or 90 minute formats that uses sophisticated technology to painlessly extract dirt and pollution from pores. The end result is clear skin and a bright, glowy appearance. If you’re on the sensitive side, you may have some residual redness from the extractions for a few hours post-facial. But for most people, this treatment doesn’t cause any redness, so it’s safe to get it soon before a wedding. 

How to book the Wedding Prep Package 

Booking a wedding prep package at Upkeep includes the advantages you already know come with using the Upkeep app: no need to call around different MedSpas and wait on hold, plus a curated list of providers which ensures only the best results. If you’re interested in booking a pre-wedding package, email us at and we’ll concierge-book your appointments. You can also pay with Affirm for these treatments to make bite-sized payments over time. Let us know in your email if you want to use Affirm for any of your treatments. 

We’re here to make your wedding day you’re “I’ve-never-looked-better-in-my-life day”. Email us today to get started!

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