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Ask Upkeep: When Should I Start Getting Botox?

Wondering if there’s a magic number age-wise for getting Botox? Here’s our take on this hot-button question.

August 4, 2023

Botox is famous for easing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. So when you first start seeing forehead lines or the beginnings of crow’s feet, you might wonder: is now the time to start getting Botox? Am I too young? Or is it already too late? The bad news is that there’s no easy, cut-and-dry answer. But the good news is: it’s really up to you! 

Can you get Botox too early?

There’s no magic number for when to start Botox. If you are still under 18, then you don’t need it yet (unless you have health issues Botox can treat like TMJ or excessive sweating). But how we age is so individual and unique for all of us. Some people get fine lines in their early twenties that bother them. In those cases, Botox is perfectly appropriate. Still other people won’t start getting fine lines or wrinkles until they are thirty. Some people naturally hold a lot of tension in between their eyebrows, frowning. They may get the dreaded “elevens” lines earlier just because they are always stressed! So there’s no one age where Botox is automatically needed. If you’re over 18 and you feel like it would improve how you look and feel, then it’s worth exploring. 

What are the benefits of starting Botox earlier?

One advantage to getting Botox earlier in life is that it’s preventative. An early start slows down the development of deep wrinkles. Preventative Botox keeps your skin looking better over time, so you won’t have to turn to more drastic interventions as soon as the people who didn’t start earlier. If keeping your skin looking its best is important to you, then early Botox is a good strategy. But remember that Botox alone won’t give you great skin–SPF and sun protection, quitting smoking, and cutting back on alcohol are all ways to keep your skin looking its best that don’t involve quarterly appointments. 

What if I already have wrinkles? Will Botox still help me? 

Botox won’t help very deep wrinkles. But if you are in your thirties or forties and you’ve never had Botox before, it’s not too late to start. Botox can still make wrinkles less noticeable and soften them considerably. You can also use Botox for other things like TMJ, migraines, and tension headaches. 

Why are young women judged for getting Botox? 

We live in times where it seems like women are judged for just about anything they do to their appearance. If they choose to age naturally, they’ve “let themselves go.” If they get Botox and fillers, they’re “plastic” or “fake” or “bimbos.” We really can’t win. Young women will often hear, “you don’t need that” or “why are you doing that?” if they talk about wanting to get Botox. But your body belongs to you, and you are in charge of how you take care of it. Plus, a lot of people operate under outdated assumptions about Botox that aren’t true, like the belief that it will “freeze your face” and you won’t have any expression left. 

At Upkeep we believe that women should be free to express themselves and make choices about their bodies and their self-care, including when to start Botox. Don’t let small-minded people stand in the way of something you really want for yourself. Life is too short for that!

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