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Four Reasons Why Traptox is So Popular

It’s blowing up on Tiktok for good reason.

July 24, 2023

Do you ever feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders? Not just metaphorically but literally? Turns out, a lot of us hold tension in our shoulders without even realizing it. Many years of tensing these muscles subconsciously leads to chronic back and neck pain. As if that weren’t enough, since so many of us spend hours sitting at a computer screen all day, our neck and shoulders end up out of whack, giving us the dreaded “tech neck” that makes us look hunched over instead of graceful and elegant. One solution to all these problems is also a huge trend on TikTok right now: trapezius Botox. 

Your trapezius muscles are triangle-shaped muscles between your neck and shoulders. Getting Botox injected to these muscles–called “traptox” for short–has been an option for years. But it’s just now becoming popular thanks to TikTok. It turns out that traptox isn’t just an aesthetic treatment–it can also have health benefits. Here’s four reasons why people are trying out traptox more than ever before:

Trap Botox helps with chronic pain

If you hold stress and tension in your trap muscles, it’s probably causing radiating pain to the muscles around them. If one muscle group is over-compensating or too tight, it tends to throw everything else around it out of whack (also notorious for this problem? Hip flexors, ugh). Botox works by temporarily relaxing muscles. Getting trap Botox forces your trap muscles to become less active, so you can literally release all that physical tension.

Botox for traps eases tension headaches

Since the trap muscle connects your shoulders to your neck and your head, they can also be a sneaky cause of tension headaches. Maybe you get a headache at the same time every day after several hours of sitting at your desk–your overactive trapezius muscles could be the culprit. If you get headaches around the front of your forehead, getting Botox injected in your forehead is the best strategy. But if your headache affects your temples, jaw, and the back of your head, trap Botox could help. 

Trapezius Botox improves your posture

When our trap muscles are overdeveloped, they overcompensate for the muscles on the front of our body. The result is a hunched over, slouchy posture. This looks bad, sure, but it’s also uncomfortable. When our trap muscles are relaxed, our abdominal muscles actually do more of the work to hold up our bodies. This results in us standing and sitting taller and straighter instead of being hunched over. 

Traptox makes your neck look long and feminine

While bodybuilders work hard at creating thick traps, the rest of us may not want that look. Traptox will cause the traps to get smaller with consistent use, which makes your neck look slimmer and longer. It also makes your shoulders look more slender and feminine. If you want feminine-looking shoulders just in time for the season of strapless tops, then trap Botox is what you need. 

Where to get trap Botox

Just like with forehead Botox, getting good results from trap Botox is all about going to the right provider. But how do you find qualified providers near you? We created an app that helps you do just that! With the Upkeep app, you can book Botox appointments (and other MedSpa treatments like fillers or laser hair removal) with confidence. That’s because we select only the best MedSpas in your area, based on a stringent 70-point checklist. Better still, you can book and pay for your appointments right there in the app, with completely transparent pricing and bite-sized payment plans available. Say goodbye to tension headaches, and hello to good posture, pain relief, and a more beautiful you. Download Upkeep today!

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