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Here’s What it’s REALLY Like to Get Botox in Your Underarms

You won’t believe how impactful this treatment can be.

November 20, 2023

You can read every article out there about Botox for excessive sweating, but that information–while helpful–doesn’t compare to reading about the real experience. Injecting Botox into the armpits helps stop excessive sweating, but it can seem intimidating when you don’t know what to expect. So we asked our designer Abby to share what it was like to get underarm Botox for the first time. She answers all your burning questions, including: does it hurt? How long does it take? Will it really help me? And more. 

Have you ever had Botox before trying armpit Botox? 

Abby: No, this was my very first time!  

What made you decide to try Botox for your underarms?

It was something that I had heard helped with sweating. For my whole life, I’ve struggled with excessive sweating. It was always something that reframed my way of life. There were certain shirts I couldn’t wear because of it, and I couldn’t wear certain colors. Like white, that always gets stained. I tried all these different crazy deodorants. I’ve tried every single brand! I’ve tried the natural ones, where you’re practically putting salt on your armpits. So I was just looking for a remedy that worked. Then my friend recommend Botox to me and told me it lasted her for eight months. So I decided to book some Botox and plug these babies up!

What does getting Botox under your arms feel like? Did it hurt? 

I asked to be numbed, which you can do for underarm Botox. And then my provider had a great tool, this little gold bar that vibrates, and it helps distract from the pain. It distracts your nerve endings. One of the nurses was holding that in place for me. But I couldn’t really feel anything, besides the motion of the gold bar. it was painless, especially with the numbing.


How long did the Botox injections take? How many units did you need for underarm Botox?

The numbing took about fifteen minutes. Then the actual procedure was fairly quick. It was about five minutes on each side. My provider drew a bunch of dots. I had a grid of dots on my armpit and he injected the Botox into each dot. I got fifty units of Botox per side. 

What was the MedSpa experience like? 

I went to Self Care LA in Santa Monica, and saw Dr. Bharat Kothakota, but everyone calls him Dr. K. Everyone there was super friendly, it was really clean and the service was quick and efficient. I was in and out in no time, which was great. No waiting in lines or anything. Doctor K was super nice, too. He explained the treatment to me and answered all of my questions. He also told me some fun trivia about other treatments. Did you know if you try to use your phone while you’re getting Evolve [bodysculpting], it doesn’t work?!

How long did it take to see results from underarm Botox? 

It took six weeks to fully kick in, which is what the doctor told me to expect. That’s a little longer than Botox for wrinkles. 

How did getting Botox for sweating change your life? 

I was so excited because before I could never wear little baby tees with short sleeves. So I went out and bought some and finally got to wear them without the circles of sweat under my arms. It was glorious—I can express my style in whole new ways now. I don’t have to stress anymore about sweating.

What was it like booking Botox in the Upkeep app? 

Seamless, so easy, quick. I always say if there’s something now that’s tedious or takes a little too long, there’s a faster way to do it. For medical aesthetics that’s obviously Upkeep!

I like technology, I don’t have to call someone, I can literally just click a button. There’s no need for calendar comparison, I can just book in my appointment and show up somewhere. It’s my perfect MedSpa app.

Would you recommend it?

Yeah, absolutely! I mean, what other way would you do it—are you going to pick up a phone and spend 15 minutes reading reviews? It’s much easier with Upkeep because you can do it instantly.

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