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Here's Why You Need Upkeep While Traveling

Have beauty, will travel.

December 15, 2022

By Amber Nelson

Recently I was in New York for Upkeep’s launch party, which was so much fun! And while I was there, I felt like getting some Botox. My forehead wrinkles have been starting to deepen recently (thanks for nothing, Father Time) and it was starting to really bother me when I saw myself in photos. Normally, it wouldn’t have been possible for me to find an appointment so easily–nor would I have had any idea where to go in an unfamiliar city (I’ve only been to New York once, fifteen years ago!). 

Enter the Upkeep app. I was able to find an appointment on the app at Purely Natural MedSpa in Williamsburg. I liked that this MedSpa specializes in natural, subtle results, because when you’re getting started with a treatment like Botox, you really don’t want to go from zero to a hundred, so to speak. I paid for a small area of Botox (15-20 units) in the app and got a confirmation sent straight to my email from both Upkeep and the MedSpa. Upkeep has information about each treatment in the app to help guide you if you’ve never done a treatment before. I filled out the paperwork on my phone–medical info about allergies and so on-that the MedSpa emailed to me.

The next day, I arrived at the MedSpa and checked in. Since I had already paid in the app and done the intake paperwork, checking in was super seamless and a total breeze. My injector was ready for me and led me back to the treatment room. I was a little bit nervous, but my injector’s obvious expertise set me at ease. We talked about where the injections should go for optimal results–she asked what lines were bothering me, and then made recommendations for placement. I agreed with her plan–targeting the ‘frontalis’ muscles of the forehead–and then she administered the Botox. 

The whole process was completely easy and I knew I was in good hands. That’s because Upkeep has a super rigorous approval process for any MedSpa that joins the network. There’s literally a checklist of requirements 70+ items long for MedSpa partners. Think of Upkeep MedSpas like Michelin star restaurants–exclusive places with sterling reputations for excellence.

One thing to note is that getting some treatments while traveling means you can’t go in for the follow up appointment two weeks later, which is recommended for treatments like Botox and fillers. This is because it takes both treatments some time to fully “settle” and you may want to make some fine-tuning adjustments. Fortunately I’m really happy with my results!

Sometimes you just really need a treatment that day. And Upkeep gives you the freedom to do that, whether you’re in New York, Miami, or Los Angeles. (We’re rapidly expanding, so we are also headed to even more cities next year!) Don’t let a busy travel schedule get in the way of your beauty goals. The next time you need a treatment while traveling, Upkeep is there for you. Download the app today


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