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How Does Barbie Botox Improve Posture?

This Botox treatment is key to standing tall, no matter what the day brings.

October 17, 2023

We’ve all seen how Barbie Botox–injecting Botox in the trap muscles at the top of your shoulders–has taken over TikTok. The treatment promises a number of benefits, including reduced tension in your neck and shoulders, the appearance of a longer, slimmer neck, and more feminine shoulders. But one of the most unexpected upsides of Barbie Botox? What it can do for your overall posture. 

Why is our posture so bad?

Since most of us spend a long time sitting at a desk, our spines are tight. We also end up hunching over, with our trap muscles compensating. This is one reason why your traps could be over-developed and super tight. We also repeat this pattern with our phones once we end the work day, hunched over them while we scroll through IG or swipe through TikTok. 

Why does traptox help with bad posture? 

Trap Botox temporarily relaxes the trapezius muscles that connect your neck to your shoulders. These triangular muscles end up over-compensating for other muscles in the core and back when we are sitting for long periods. When the trapezius is relaxed and weakened, these other muscles can wake up again and start engaging. This results in your shoulders dropping down and your neck being more aligned with the rest of your spine, too. 

What other things can I do to improve my posture? 

Trap Botox gives you a huge assist in standing tall. It’s something you have done once every 3-4 months and it helps your posture without having to think about it. But there are other things you can do to get the most out of your Botox treatment. Here are some simple steps you can take to get that elegant, modelesque stance–even if your lifestyle makes it hard.  

  • Yoga/stretching: Stretches and poses that help your spine lengthen and move are key to fixing tightness in your back and shoulders. Even taking a few quick stretching breaks throughout your work day can keep your spine more relaxed. 
  • Take scheduled breaks away from your desk or phone: Sitting in the same position for hours is probably one of the reasons you’re feeling hunched and slouchy to begin with. Get up from your desk once every half hour and walk around so you don’t get stiff af. 
  • Strengthen your back and core muscles: A lot of us assume that strengthening the ‘core’ only includes our ab muscles. But your back muscles, like your lats (in your upper back) and erectors (in your lower back), also help support your spine and good posture. A secret bonus of training your lats? When they are well-defined, they make your waist look smaller by comparison.
  • Stretch out your hip flexors: The muscles at the front of your thighs get tightened and shortened by hours of sitting, which can pull your pelvis out of alignment. This also affects your posture. Keeping your hip flexors as flexible as possible is key for good posture.

Where can I get Barbie Botox near me? 

If you’re ready for relaxed shoulders and better posture, download the Upkeep app to find, book, and pay for MedSpa treatments with top providers in your area. We’ve simplified the process of booking advanced aesthetic treatments so you spend less time calling around and more time living your gorgeous life. Download the Upkeep app to book your next traptox treatment today!

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