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How Long Does Barbie Botox Last?

Is it the same as Botox for your face? Here’s what you need to know.

September 15, 2023

Barbie Botox is everywhere these days. This treatment injects about 40 units of Botox into each of your trapezius muscles, the triangle shaped muscles that connect your neck to your shoulders. It’s the MedSpa treatment of 2023. But one thing a lot of girlies want to know is how long does it last? We’re here to answer that question–and more. 

How long does Barbie Botox last? 

Trap Botox typically lasts 4 months on average, but some people notice that it lasts as long as six months. It depends on which neuromodulator your provider uses, too. While Botox is the most popular, there are other choices on the market, including Xeomin and Daxxify. Daxxify injections can last longer, about 6 to 8 months, but Daxxify is more expensive per unit than other options. It takes time for the muscles to atrophy, so while you will experience relief from tension sooner, it takes 3-4 weeks to start seeing visible results. 

What factors affect how long trap Botox lasts? 

Your age and metabolism can affect how long the Botox lasts in your body. Younger people tend to break it down faster, and if you have a fast metabolism or train with weights, it may also wear off a little faster. 

What are the benefits of Barbie Botox? 

Barbie Botox makes your shoulders look slimmer and more feminine. It also helps with posture, since we tend to rely too much on our traps and not enough on our abdominal core muscles when we’re sitting looking at a computer. Plus, if you have chronic tension in your shoulders, migraines, or tension headaches around the back of your neck and head, Barbie Botox is a game-changer for managing chronic pain. 

Does Barbie Botox make your neck longer?

Technically? No. But Barbie Botox makes your neck look longer by slimming down the thickest part of your neck near your shoulders. 

How many units do I need for Barbie Botox? 

You’ll need about 40 units injected per side, or 80 units total. Some people need a little more depending on the size of their traps. 

Where do I get Barbie Botox?

Only get your Barbie makeover from a medical professional. You might be thinking, ugh, I don’t have the time to find someone in my area! But that’s where we come in. We created an app for booking MedSpa treatments like Botox. Now you can find providers at the best MedSpas in your area, book a time that works for you, and pay up front with transparent pricing. Download Upkeep today to get Barbie Botox near you! 

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