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How To Get The Fox Eye Look Without Surgery

People have been dying to know how to get the look made popular by Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid.

November 6, 2023

Are you wanting that elongated, elevated fox eye look–but not the risks or possible regret of surgery? Good news: you can achieve a similar look with temporary MedSpa treatments. After all, we know that beauty trends come and go, and it's fun to take part without a permanent procedure. Here are two treatment options you can try for sexy, uplifted eyes. 

Botox brow lift: Your secret to the fox eye look

The secret to adjusting your eyebrows? It’s mostly the muscles above them, in your forehead. The frontalis muscle is the muscle that helps you raise up your eyebrows. By strategically placing Botox in this muscle, your provider can help temporarily shift the angle of your eyebrows. Your provider may also inject Botox in other areas, like in between your eyebrows, depending on your unique anatomy. You can expect to need about 25-30 units to start with for a Botox fox brow lift. 

Fox eye lift with filler: Lifting the tail of the brow

If Botox isn’t for you, then filler is a great choice. To lift and open up the eye area, your provider injects filler near your brow bone to lift the tail of the brow. It only takes half a syringe of filler, ¼ in each brow, to get the look. So it’s a less expensive treatment, and filler lasts for a year on average. 

Pros and Cons of injectables for a fox eye lift

Many celebrities have likely had surgery to get the lifted fox eye look. In fact, they may have had more than one surgery, combining a brow lift with a canthoplasty that lifts the corners of the eyes. They may deny it, but when celebs aren’t honest about getting surgery, they can give the rest of us unreasonable expectations. (That’s why we are big advocates of owning what you’ve had done–there’s no shame in surgery or advanced aesthetics!) 

Using injectables strategically to mimic this look is obviously much safer, because surgery always comes with risks. And if you decide you don’t like how it looks, results with injectables like Botox and filler are temporary. The downside is that the results aren’t going to be as dramatic as with surgery. But people are now using injectables like color cosmetics: to try on a new look, or to express themselves. If you've always wanted to embody your femme fatale baddie alter ego, you can with filler and/or Botox.

Where to get a non-surgical fox eye lift near me?

If you’re ready to get the fox eye look, you’ll need to go to an experienced, qualified medical provider for the best possible results. That’s where Upkeep comes in! We created an app where you can book MedSpa treatments on demand with just a tap of your finger. Compare availability at top MedSpas near you and book an appointment that works with your busy lifestyle. Download Upkeep to get the fox eye look today!

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