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What is Barbie Botox?

Learn why it’s so much more than a TikTok trend.

August 10, 2023

Since the Barbie movie came out and grossed a billion dollars at the box office, there’s been a surge of interest in the #BarbieBotox trend, especially on TikTok. Barbie Botox promises to give you Barbie’s slim shoulders and long, graceful neck with strategic Botox injections in your shoulder muscles. Wondering if you should try it out? Here’s what makes Barbie Botox worth it. 

What is Barbie Botox?

Barbie Botox is a new name for something people have been doing for years–getting Botox injected into the trapezius muscles. Your trapezius muscles (also called traps) are the triangle-shaped muscles between your neck and shoulders. They can get enlarged from hours of sitting at a desk or having bad posture. Botox helps those muscles to relax and decrease in size. 

Will Barbie Botox slim my neck?

Yes! Barbie Botox gives the appearance of a longer, slimmer neck and more slender shoulders because the trap muscles get smaller over time. That’s why the treatment is named after Barbie–if you want the slender and feminine silhouette that Barbie has, Botox can help you get there.

What are the other benefits of Barbie shoulder Botox?

Barbie Botox can also help relieve tension and tension headaches and even migraines, too. (Fun fact–if your traps are tense, the muscles in your neck and head are probably tense, too.) It also helps fix bad posture because it makes you use your ab muscles to sit up straight instead of over-relying on your traps. So you will stand straighter, and have less tension in your neck and shoulders. 

How many units of Botox do I need for Barbie Botox?

It’s pretty hefty–you’ll need about 40 units in each shoulder, or 80 units total. Compared to the muscles in your face, your traps are bigger, so you need more than you would for forehead or crows feet Botox.

How long does it take for trap Barbie Botox to work? 

Trap Botox doesn’t kick in immediately. Most people experience relief 1-2 weeks after injection. But to get the aesthetic benefits of smaller trap muscles, it takes about six to eight weeks.

How often do I need to get Barbie Botox for shoulders to maintain my results?

Just like Botox on your face, you’ll need to get repeated injections. Plan on getting Barbie Botox 3-4 times a year depending on how quickly it wears off for you.

Can I see some Barbie Botox before and afters?

Yes, we do. You can see some in the TikTok below!

Where do I get Barbie Botox?

You’ll need to go to a qualified medical provider with a good track record of doing trap Botox. Luckily, we have the best trap Botox providers on the Upkeep app. The Upkeep app lets you find, book, and pay for MedSpa treatments like Botox, fillers, and laser hair removal. We choose only the best MedSpas so that you can book your treatments with confidence. Ready to get Barbie’s slim silhouette and banish chronic tension? Book Barbie Botox with Upkeep today!

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