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Learn How Evolve Sculpting Treatments Can Transform Your Body

Changing your body is difficult. Evolve is easy.

February 22, 2022

We can control a lot of things about our bodies: our eating, exercise and sleeping habits, to name a few. But there are some things we just can’t control or prevent–like post-partum skin sagging or the appearance of cellulite. And even if you work super hard in the gym, it takes a long time to build muscle–especially for women. But did you know that there’s a treatment system that addresses all of these body concerns? It’s called Evolve. Evolve is a patented system that offers three different treatments, which utilize radiofrequency heat and/or electric stimulation to target different concerns. The three treatments are called Tite, Trim, and Tone. Basically, Evolve Tite tightens skin, Evolve Trim kills fat cells, and Evolve Tone tones and sculpts your muscles. All three treatments are non-invasive and non-surgical, with minimal downtime. With only a few half-hour treatments, you could have the body you’ve always dreamed of. Keep reading to see which Evolve treatment is best for you!

What is radiofrequency heat?

Radiofrequency heat is the same innovation behind the Forma facial–the celebrity favorite facial that tightens and lifts skin. RF heat travels through cells and snaps them into healing mode, recharging natural processes that slow down as we age. Depending on what level of the skin that RF heat targets, it can stimulate collagen, sculpt deep layers of fat, or even eliminate fat cells altogether. 

Evolve Tite: Lift and Tighten Skin

Skin sagging happens for a variety of reasons. Aging, weight loss, or even having a baby can all cause sagging skin. If you’re looking to correct skin looseness and sagging, Evolve Tite is the treatment for you. It uses radiofrequency heat at the subdermal level to trigger increased collagen production, which tightens and lifts skin. This treatment can be used on the arms, abdomen, thighs, and knees. You’ll need between 4-6 treatment sessions to see results, but each patient is different. Evolve Tite can be used on any skin color, because it doesn’t change the pigment in your skin. There is no downtime after treatment, and the treatment doesn’t hurt. It feels similar to a hot stone massage. 

Evolve Trim: Fat and Cellulite Reduction

About 93% of women get cellulite. So if you have cellulite, it’s totally normal and nothing to be ashamed of. It happens to women of all body sizes–even supermodels and movie stars get it. But we know it can be bothersome. If you want to reduce the appearance of cellulite, or sculpt a certain area of the body for targeted fat loss, you may be the right candidate for Evolve Trim. Your body should be close to your ideal weight, since the treatment isn’t meant to provide dramatic weight loss. It’s designed to target stubborn fat in certain areas, and/or to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Evolve Trim targets areas like the arms, abs, hips, thighs, and butt. Your treatment provider uses 6 hands-free applicators to apply radiofrequency to the deeper levels of subcutaneous fat. The radiofrequency heat kills the fat cells, which reduces the size of the stubborn fat. It also reduces the appearance of cellulite, because fat deposits are what make cellulite more prominent. This treatment also requires about 4-6 sessions for best results, and just like Evolve Tite, there’s no downtime. Bonus: because it’s hands-free, you can get another treatment done simultaneously and save time!

Evolve Tone: Sculpt Muscles

Muscles are finicky things. When you first start strength training, you can build significant muscle mass relatively quickly. But the longer you train, the harder it gets to put on additional muscle. Additionally, building muscle often means gaining a little fat, too–it’s just not possible to build muscle and lose fat at the same time for an extended period. 

Evolve Tone provides a workaround for this problem. This non-invasive treatment uses electric muscle stimulation to trigger muscle contractions in targeted areas. This results in sculpted, strengthened muscles. Say you’re looking to build muscle volume on your abs, hips, or butt. Evolve Tone provides increased muscle size and definition, without the minor fat gain you’d get if you did it the old fashioned way. Similar to the other two Evolve treatments, sessions are quick and require no downtime–although you may feel some muscle soreness after treatments. You’ll need about 4 treatments to see results. 

Where can I get Evolve Treatments?

By now you’re probably wondering where you can get these treatments done. Like we said before, Evolve is a patented system, and only a qualified medical professional can operate this machinery. So it’s crucial to find a trustworthy provider. In the Upkeep app, we’ve already taken care of that for you, because we screen every provider to make sure they’re qualified. Plus, you can book appointments on demand in the app–no more calling around or waiting on hold. We know you have a lot of demands on your time, so we’ve made achieving your beauty goals easy. 

Do you want to transform your body? Book your consultation in the Upkeep app today!

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