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Seven Myths About Botox, Debunked

Your boyfriend says it could "freeze" your face. Is he right??

August 11, 2022

Botox is one of the most well-understood MedSpa treatments out there…for the doctors and nurses who inject it. But we’ll bet you’ve heard a lot of myths about this treatment, and some of them can get pretty crazy. With all of the misinformation out there, Botox can seem scary or intimidating for someone who’s never done it before. So we’re here to bust seven common myths about one of our fave MedSpa treatments. 

Botox starts working right away.

False! Botox takes effect gradually over the course of about seven to ten days, sometimes longer. It might be annoying to wait for the effects to show up, but because Botox settles in gradually, it will also be hard for anyone you interact with to tell that something’s changed–unless you’ve told them about your recent trip to the MedSpa.

Botox makes you look frozen. 

Botox only makes you look frozen if your injector does a less-than-great job. The best aesthetic injectors are like artists, able to combine medical expertise with understanding of aesthetics. With a good injector and the right amount of Botox, your results should look natural, subtle and refreshed. 

Botox lasts forever.

If only Botox was permanent! Unfortunately, Botox only lasts 3-4 months on average and repeat sessions are needed to maintain results and prevent new wrinkle formation. Once Botox wears off your muscles will start moving again and the dynamic wrinkles will reappear. 

Botox is only used to make people look better. 

We love Botox because it temporarily gets rid of wrinkles and can lift eyebrows, flip lips, and more. But it’s also used for medical purposes: to address migraines, jaw pain, excessive sweating, and certain eye problems. In fact it was first developed to treat patients with eye conditions, and then doctors noticed that these patients suddenly had no wrinkles around their eyes. Don’t you just love medical innovation?!


Once you start Botox you can’t stop. 

People seem to think that using Botox and then stopping will make your skin look worse than it would have done without the Botox. But this isn’t true. Botox doesn’t have any addictive properties, it’s just that once you see yourself refreshed and smooth, you won’t want to go back to how you looked before! If you do stop getting Botox, it won’t have an adverse affect on your skin condition–in fact it might have prevented wrinkles from getting worse. It’s like dying your hair or doing your nails–it makes you feel good, so you keep doing it! 

Botox isn’t safe. 

Just because it technically has “toxin” in the name of the chemical does not make it toxic in the applications we’re talking about today. We know that Botox stays wherever you inject it. It can’t migrate around your body, and when locally injected in muscles, it’s super safe. There are more than 3,000 research studies on the safety of Botox, and the verdict is in–as long as a qualified injector is administering it and you have no contraindications, Botox is really safe and side effects are rare. 

Skincare products work just as well as Botox

Honestly we wish, but this is just silly. Botox is injected into muscles, below the surface of the skin. Nothing applied topically is going to work so effectively or penetrate down to your muscles. We’re not saying you shouldn’t use good skincare–-we’re skincare obsessed! But topical creams and serums do not give comparable results to Botox treatments. There are some skincare companies who want you to believe that, but it’s just marketing–and lazy marketing at that. 

So there you have it–most of the rumors about Botox just aren’t true. What is true about Botox is that it can ease the look of wrinkles, amplify certain features, and boost your confidence!

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