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The First Real Lip Filler App Is Here

Stop visualizing, and start making your dream lips a reality.

April 24, 2023

It seems like there’s an app for everything these days–so why isn’t there an app that lets you book lip filler quickly and easily? Why isn’t there an app for lip filler?

Well, we wondered the same thing, so we created an app where you can book dermal fillers and other MedSpa treatments as easily as ordering takeout. Here's everything you need to know about the first real lip filler app: Upkeep.

Is there a lip filler app?

There are apps that allow you to “try on” or see how you would look with lip filler. But if you know you’re ready for the real thing, then a lip filler app filter isn’t all that useful. With the Upkeep app, you can actually book a lip filler appointment near you.  

How does Upkeep work for booking a lip filler appointment near me? 

Upkeep offers a completely new and stress-free way to book lip filler appointments. In the old days before Upkeep, the only way to find an appointment near you was to call around at different MedSpas looking for availability. Plus you’d have to do some research to ensure the MedSpa was actually legit. And frankly who has time for that?! Not us, and definitely not you. With Upkeep, we’ve taken the stress and the guesswork out of getting MedSpa treatments.

Simply download the app to get started. You’ll find fillers in the treatment menu, and from there, you’ll select the amount of filler you want–in increments from half a syringe to a triple syringe. From there you’ll be taken to our appointment portal, where you can browse available appointments from only the top MedSpas in your area. We rigorously screen all our MedSpa partners so you can rest assured that you’ll get the best experience and results possible. Simply select the appointment that works with your busy schedule, pay in the app, and there you go–your appointment is booked! By comparing availability, you can finally find an appointment that works for you–instead of feeling pressured to take the first one you can find. 

You also don’t have to worry about unpredictable prices, since Upkeep has total price transparency. That means you won’t get any surprise charges on the day of your appointment. We also offer bite sized payments with Affirm, so you can book now and pay later. 

Can I get rewards points for lip filler with Upkeep?

Yes! Upkeep is also a lip filler app with rewards points. You earn two rewards points for every dollar spent. Other aesthetic rewards apps tend to gatekeep by brand–so if you’ve started with one manufacturer’s filler, you can only apply rewards points to products from that brand. With Upkeep, you can apply your rewards points across brands and even treatments–choose to redeem for Botox, fillers, or a Hydrafacial. Our rewards program offers you a lot more freedom–because it’s fun to try new things! 

And we weren’t kidding when we said that Upkeep is the only lip filler app of its kind. It the only app on the market where you can book an appointment for lip filler. Ready to get the lips of your dreams? It’s time to download Upkeep today

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