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Trap Botox: Your Guide To The Latest MedSpa Trend

Plus, how it can help with chronic pain and bad posture.

June 5, 2023

Traptox–Botox for your trap muscles–is the latest TikTok trend, with over 2.6 million views on the hashtag “trap Botox”. But that popularity isn’t the reason why we added it to our treatment menu. Trap Botox can relieve chronic pain, fix your posture, or slim down your neck–or all three! Keep reading to learn why trap Botox is more than a TikTok trend, what it can do for you, and where to get it. 

What is trapezius Botox?

The trapezius (or “trap”) muscle is a triangle-shaped muscle at the base of your neck, by your shoulder. Botox is an FDA approved medication that temporarily paralyzes muscles. Injections into the trapezius muscle temporarily weaken and relax it, which can also make it look smaller.

What is trap Botox good for? Can Botox be used for overactive traps? 

If you spend a lot of time sitting staring at a computer for work, chances are your traps could be bigger than they really need to be. This is because your trap muscles are activated when you lean forward, leading to dread “tech neck” and bad posture. 

Alternatively, if you work an active job that involves lifting and carrying things, your traps may be inflamed and tight from overuse. Both of these scenarios can cause chronic pain in your back and neck. 

Some people just have larger traps thanks to genetics. If you lift weights and notice that your traps take over for you when you’re trying to work other shoulder muscles (like your delts), you could just be genetically predisposed to having larger traps. It’s hard to avoid activating your traps because your muscles work together. 

Botox can treat all these issues because it temporarily weakens the muscle. And it can make your traps look smaller over time if you want the appearance of a longer, slimmer neck. So whether you want trapezius Botox for pain, posture improvement, or a slimmer neck, it’s an effective treatment. 

How many units of Botox for trapezius do I need? How long does it take to see results?

Everyone’s different, but expect that you’ll need anywhere from 30-50 units a side. The dosage depends on the strength of the muscle. It also takes a little bit longer to see results from trap Botox if you’re used to forehead or crow’s feet Botox. You’ll feel pain relief after about two weeks, and see a visual difference in about a month. It can take a few rounds of trap Botox to achieve the slimmed-down look. 

Are there any side effects when you get Botox for the trapezius muscle?

When the Botox first starts working, you may experience muscle soreness and fatigue. This is actually what you want–it needs to be weakened for your posture to improve and your pain to get better. You may also experience bruising and tenderness at the injection site. Fortunately you can prevent bruising by avoiding taking NSAID painkillers (Advil, Aleve) or drinking alcohol for 24 hours before the injection. 

How long does trap Botox last?

It lasts 3-4 months on average. You’ll need to get the Botox injections again to maintain your results. 

How do I find a provider who does Botox in trapezius near me?

‘Traptox’ is technically an off-label use of Botox, which means it’s not approved by the FDA for that purpose. However, it’s still safe and effective as long as you go to a qualified, licensed, experienced provider. 

That’s where we come in. We know it’s not easy to find good Botox injectors on your own. Googling, calling around, waiting on hold–no one has time for that anymore. That’s why we created an app, Upkeep, where you can book MedSpa treatments on demand with just a few taps. We are selective with your treatment providers and only partner with the best MedSpas, so you can book with confidence on Upkeep. You can also earn rewards points on each treatment you book in the app, which can then be redeemed for future treatments! To get trap Botox specifically, you’ll select “XL Botox” from the treatment menu and select an appointment that works for your schedule.  If you’re ready to say goodbye to tech neck and hello to a slimmer neck, download Upkeep today to get started. 

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