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Upkeep Gift Guide 2022

Give the beauty-obsessed woman in your life what she *really* wants.

December 8, 2022

Gifting season is here! Do you know a beauty obsessive, but aren’t sure what to get her? We’re here to help! Specifically, we’re here to recommend what MedSpa treatments will make her eyes light up. Gifting a MedSpa treatment used to be complicated–MedSpas don’t always offer gift cards! But Upkeep makes it easy to send a gift card so your friends and loved ones can get what they really want this holiday season. Here's what to gift your bestie based on her personality:

The cozy queen 

This is the girl who loves some good old-fashioned pampering. She’s probably tried to get you to come with her to the hot springs, she loves to cozy up on the couch with Netflix, and she’s definitely got Taurus somewhere prominent in her birth chart. When it comes to MedSpa treatments, nothing makes her happier than a Hydrafacial. This soothing, restorative facial combines high-tech extraction, deep cleansing, and powerful actives for an instant megawatt glow. There are also several add-ons available so she can completely customize her Hydrafacial experience. This way she gets to address her top priorities–like skin irritation, breakouts, dullness, etc.  

Instagram baddie

This is the girl who knows all her angles. She’s the only friend you trust to take a decent picture of you. Filler’s just the thing for her, since it’s all about enhancing her best features. From plump lips to a sculpted jawline and cheeks, filler allows this Insta baddie to make her photos and videos look even better. 

Busy mama

Moms are always on-the-go. The young mom in your life is the original version of “booked and busy,” raising kids while also working and keeping up her-self care.  That’s why her favorite MedSpa treatment is Botox, because she can be in and out of the MedSpa super quickly, while keeping her skin smooth and wrinkle-free. 

Party girl

This girl is the social butterfly. Somehow she seems to know just about everyone, and she’s always posting TikToks and InstaStories from the coolest events (our founder Tiffany fits this mold to a T). While she probably loves *every* MedSpa treatment, Forma facials are perfect for her. A Forma facial is a non-invasive radiofrequency heat treatment that supercharges the skin’s natural healing process. The result? Tighter, firmer skin for a snatched look that’s oh-so camera ready. With a full course of this treatment, the results last about a year on average–sometimes longer! Plus, a one-off Forma facial is perfect to get shortly before a big event where she’ll be photographed a lot. 


The fashion enthusiast in your life is already scoping out the resort collections and trend-casting for next spring. So why not give her a gift that goes perfectly with any skin-baring outfit: smooth skin! Laser hair removal takes several sessions, but helping with the cost of just one or two treatments goes a long way. Your fashionable bestie won’t have to abandon the perfect outfit just because she’s in between waxes or ran out of razor cartridges–-she’ll always be ready to flash some leg or go sleeveless. 

How do I send a Gift Card For MedSpa Treatments?

To gift the beauty-loving girl in your life with an incredible MedSpa experience, just send her a gift card by following this link. If you're not sure how much to send her, you can look up the pricing for these treatments in your area on the Upkeep app. Give your bestie the gift she's really hoping for with Upkeep Gift Cards!

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