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What's a Non-Surgical Nose Job?

It's the latest trend. But does it really work?

November 30, 2022

If you could have a new nose in just an hour, would you do it?

The answer for a lot of us would probably be yes. But until recently, your only option if you wanted to change your nose shape was a surgical rhinoplasty, which requires downtime and also creates some really horrible-looking bruising. Now there’s a quicker option if you want a straighter or more proportional nose: doctors can correct certain imperfections with injectable fillers. It’s called a non-surgical nose job, and we’re here to tell you all about it. 

How does a non-surgical nose job work?

A non surgical nose job uses fillers to correct imperfections of the nose. There are multiple types of fillers used. The most common is hyaluronic acid fillers, sold under brand names like Restylane or Juvederm. The HA fillers used for non surgical nose correction are firmer in consistency than the ones that go in your lips. Voluma, intended for cheeks, is a common option for non surgical nose jobs. These types of fillers are temporary and will dissolve after about a year or so. For a permanent option, there’s Bellafill, a collagen based filler used to smooth out acne scars. Most providers will recommend doing the temporary version first with traditional fillers, so you can make sure you like the results, before exploring the permanent option. 

What issues do non-surgical nose jobs treat?

Fillers help correct issues with nose shape, such as:

A bump on the bridge of the nose

Tip of the nose is drooping

Mild crookedness

Filler can help with all these things. It may seem counterintuitive but filler can make a bumpy nose appear smaller because the slope of the nose is straighter. The tip of the nose descends with age, so lifting the tip adds a youthful appearance. And if your nose is slightly crooked, filler can make it look straighter. 

What issues cannot be treated with non surgical nose jobs?

A broken nose 

A nose that you want to make smaller

An exceptionally large bump

There are some nose problems that fillers can’t treat. And if you’ve ever had surgery on your nose–even for something unrelated like a deviated septum–you should tell your provider, as this can complicate things, too. 

How long do results last?

With HA fillers, results last for about 6 months to 18 months but there is some variance between individuals–everyone’s body responds to fillers a little differently. How old you are and how much you exercise can affect how your body absorbs the filler.

How does a non surgical nose job compare to rhinoplasty in terms of price?

One potential downside of the temporary nature of the non surgical route is the price adds up over time. You may spend around $3000 a year for injections, while rhinoplasty is a one time cost of approximately $5000. This can vary based on the region you live in, the prestige and experience of your surgeon, and other factors. Still, we think a non-surgical option is worth exploring, because the big advantage is that it’s temporary. And if you decide you don’t like the results, they won’t last forever. If your rhinoplasty doesn’t turn out how you imagined? You’re stuck with it, unless you try subsequent surgeries–and rhinoplasty revisions can be complicated. 

Does a non surgical nose job hurt?

Like most injections, a non-surgical nose job can be uncomfortable. It is not as painful, however, as other areas of the face like the top of the cheek or the eye area. Your treatment provider will typically apply a topical numbing cream and ice to help with discomfort. Like getting fillers, there may be some swelling and bruising, but these should subside after a week or so. And the bruising is nothing like the shiners you get from actual surgery. 

What else should I know about non surgical nose jobs?

Of all the areas on the face, the nose is one of the most risky when it comes to injectables. This is because there isn’t that much blood flow naturally to the nose. If filler is placed incorrectly, it can cut off blood flow to the skin on your nose. (As you can imagine, that’s….bad. Very bad.) So you should only get this treatment at the hands of a qualified medical provider. 

Where can I get a non-surgical nose job?

Like we said above, a qualified, licensed medical provider is an absolute must for a non-surgical nose job. Fortunately, with our app, Upkeep, you can book this procedure with confidence. That’s because we hand-select our MedSpa providers and accept only the best to our network. When you book MedSpa treatments in our easy-to-use app, you know that you’re in good hands, because we’ve already done the legwork for you.

Are you ready to get the smoother, straighter nose you’ve always wanted? Download Upkeep today on the App Store or Google Play to book your non-surgical nose job with a provider you can trust 🙂

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