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What's Facial Balancing?

See why this MedSpa treatment is the go-to for improving your overall appearance.

August 7, 2023

Have you ever looked at someone like Bella Hadid and wondered, why is she so beautiful? Is there some special magical equation that makes her proportions look so good? The answer is yes. And that means you can tap into that same magic, courtesy of a popular MedSpa treatment called facial balancing. If you’ve always wanted a more proportional, symmetrical face, facial balancing can help you get there.   

What is facial balancing?

Facial balancing is essentially a fancy name for using dermal fillers. But it’s how the fillers are used that’s different. Instead of getting filler in just one place to emphasize a specific feature like the cheeks or lips, facial balancing is the practice of using filler on many parts of the face to correct all-over proportions and symmetry. Facial balancing is unique to each person; one person may get filler in the jawline, cheeks, and chin, while someone else might get filler in their temples, lips, and the tip of their nose. It all depends on your bone structure and the issues you’re looking to correct. 

How long does facial balancing with fillers last?

This depends to a degree on the fillers used. Hyaluronic acid based fillers last for about a year on average, while calcium-based fillers like Radiesse last even longer. And if you get filler in your temples, it will usually be Sculptra, which doesn’t have an instant impact like other fillers because it works with your body to naturally ramp up collagen production. Sculptra filler takes some time to work but also last for a long time–typically about two years. That’s one of the benefits of facial balancing–you don’t need to do it very often to maintain your results. It’s a low maintenance way to look your best. 

How do I make my face balanced?

Professionals in the medical aesthetics space–plastic surgeons, doctors, and nurse injectors–typically reference the “golden ratio” when it comes to facial balancing. The golden ratio is a pattern often found in nature: it is present when a line is divided into two parts in a ratio of 1: 1.618. Something about that is inherently pleasing to the human eye. Here are some examples of what that actually means: 

  • A classically balanced face is about 1.618 times longer than it is wide (Kim Kardashian’s face is a good example of this).
  • The distance between the top of the nose and the center of the lips should be 1.6 times the distance between the center of the lips and your chin. 
  • The classic ideal lip shape has a 1:1.6 ratio between top and bottom lip (the bottom lip is a little bit fuller). 

But the beauty of facial balancing is that it’s completely custom to you and your unique features. Maybe you already feel that your chin is a bit weak or your top lip is a little thin, but your provider will be able to pinpoint other changes that can dramatically improve your proportions. 

Who is a good candidate for facial balancing?

Facial balancing is safe and effective when you go to a licensed medical professional who has experience with this procedure. And most adults are good candidates–anyone who wants a more proportional face without going under the knife can potentially get facial balancing.

Where to get facial balancing near me?

Like we said before, you’ll need to go to a licensed, experienced treatment provider for facial balancing. And it can be hard to find availability with the best providers in your area–you have to call around and wait on hold, and nobody has time for that! That’s why we created the Upkeep app. In the Upkeep app, you can find, book, and pay for MedSpa treatments including dermal fillers. You can compare availability at a network of top-performing MedSpas in your area and book an appointment that works with your schedule. Plus you earn rewards points on each appointment that you can apply to future treatments, with more choices on how to use your points. Book with Upkeep today and get the classically proportioned face you’ve been dreaming of! 

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