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What's the Deal With Tranexamic Acid?

You’ve heard of AHAs and BHAs. Meet TXA.

March 10, 2023

One of the most common skin complaints is uneven skin tone, dark spots, or post-inflammatory pigmentation. It can be so frustrating for the dark or red spots from acne to hang around for literally months no matter what you do. However, there’s a skincare ingredient that’s been trending lately that might be just what you need. It’s called tranexamic acid and we’re here to answer all of your questions about it. 

How does tranexamic acid work?

Like so many of our fave beauty innovations (including Botox and dermal fillers), tranexamic acid wasn’t initially used for cosmetic purposes. It’s actually on the World Health Organization’s list of essential medicines because it helps treat excessive blood loss. However, doctors accidentally discovered that it helped treat skin pigmentation. It does this by disrupting the production of melanin. Tranexamic acid keeps your skin from producing melanin in ways that lead to an uneven skin tone. 

What is tranexamic acid good for?

Thanks to its abilities to address pigmentation, tranexamic acid treats a range of concerns. It works for: 

  • Melasma
  • Post inflammatory pigmentation, including from acne
  • Brightening dull or uneven skin tone
  • Redness or dark spots related to sun exposure

In other words, if uneven skin tone, pigmentation, or the red/purple marks from acne are your main concerns, tranexamic acid can help. It may also help improve your skin barrier–the outermost layer of skin that protects against toxins and irritants and keeps moisture in your skin. But research on this potential is less well-established than skin tone correction. 

Is tranexamic acid an AHA or a BHA?

It actually isn’t either one of these. We’re probably used to thinking of skincare ingredients that end in ‘acid’ as being part of these categories, but tranexamic acid isn’t related to AHA or BHA acids. It works differently. For this reason, if AHAs or BHAs irritate your skin, you might have better luck with tranexamic acid instead. 

Is there anyone who should not use tranexamic acid?

Tranexamic acid is generally safe to use for most skin types, and it’s also safe to use during pregnancy. Unlike other brightening ingredient hydroquinone, it has far fewer side effects and is generally less irritating. So most people can use this ingredient safely and successfully. However, if your skin is super sensitive or you have certain inflammatory conditions like eczema, do a spot test on the inside of your arm before applying to the face. 

Are there any ingredients I shouldn’t use alongside tranexamic acid?

One of the great things about this ingredient is that it plays well with others. It can be used in conjunction with that other brightening powerhouse, Vitamin C, and milder retinoids. However, we don’t recommend pairing it with products that contain AHA or BHAs, as this can cause dryness and irritation. 

How long does it take to see results?

This ingredient can be fast acting, and you might notice improvements after only a few days or weeks. However for full results you’ll need to use tranexamic acid for six to eight weeks. You’ll also need to continue using tranexamic acid to maintain these results. Look for products that list the concentration of this ingredient at 0.5 to 2.5%. 

This ingredient is finally getting the attention it deserves. Looking for more even-toned, brighter skin? Give TXA a try today!

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