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What's the difference between Evolve Vs CryoSlim?

And, which one is right for you? We have the details.

February 16, 2023

A lot of people have bodies they’re happy with–except for that one spot. Maybe it’s the lower belly, or the thighs. If only there was a way to sculpt that one area so that it looked more aligned with the rest of your physique, then your confidence would be through the roof! Fortunately, modern science has granted us several non-invasive and safe ways of doing just that: targeted fat reduction in certain areas. 

When it comes to non-surgical body sculpting treatments, two of our favorites are Evolve and CryoSlim. Both are FDA-approved and non-invasive, which makes them safe, reliable, and *way* easier than traditional body-sculpting methods. (Going under the knife? That’s a lot of downtime.) But while Evolve and CryoSlim each offer body transformation, these treatments work in very different ways, and offer some different benefits. So here’s everything you need to know about two of our fave body sculpting treatments. 

What is CryoSlim and how does it work?

CryoSlim was first developed in France, and it gets rid of fat cells through the concentrated application of cold and heat. This process is called “apoptosis” and it causes fat cells to die off. The treatment applicator glides over the targeted area. It delivers a short burst of heat (40ºC) for two minutes, followed by twelve minutes of cold (-8ºC). A typical treatment session lasts for about half an hour. The body will naturally eliminate the dead fat cells over the next couple weeks, and best of all–those fat cells will not grow back. CryoSlim works best to reduce areas of stubborn fat that aren’t responding to diet and exercise. And btw, in case you’re wondering, CryoSlim isn’t the same as CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting uses extreme cold only and the application method and duration are different, too. We often hear people refer to one as the other, but they are not the same ;)

What are the treatment areas for CryoSlim?

CryoSlim treats these primary areas:





How long does it take to see results from CryoSlim?

CryoSlim treatment will typically require 3-5 sessions, spaced about two weeks apart. But the good news is that you’ll start seeing results soon after your first treatment session. Results continue to improve after your final session, too. Bear in mind that it takes about two weeks for your body to eliminate most of the ruptured fat cells. Results are permanent, meaning that the number of fat cells in the treatment area are permanently reduced. 

What is Evolve and how does it work?

Evolve actually refers to a collection of treatments that can all be done with the same machine. There are three treatment modalities for Evolve: Trim, Tone, and Tite.

Trim: reduces fat with radiofrequency (RF) heat

Tite: tightens skin with RF heat

Tone: increases muscle size with electromagnetic muscle stimulation

Evolve Trim will yield the most similar results to CryoSlim. But it can also be used to reduce the appearance of cellulite. The RF energy distributes heat to the skin and underlying subcutaneous fat. Once the targeted tissue reaches the right temperature, Evolve Trim delivers a high-voltage energy pulse. This destroys fat cells in the targeted area. This treatment also encourages collagen production, which helps tighten the skin and connective tissues that cause the appearance of cellulite. So you can use Evolve Trim to treat stubborn areas of fat, like Cryoslim, and to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Plus, Evolve can be used on multiple treatment areas at once, so you could do your stomach and thighs in the same treatment session, which saves a lot of time. 

Evolve Trim can also be paired with Evolve Tite to make results even more dramatic and noticeable. If you choose this option, you’ll switch off between Trim and Tite sessions. 

What are the treatment areas for Evolve Trim? 







How long does it take to see results from Evolve?

Evolve Trim results will appear two months after your final treatment session. Why does it take so long? Well, first, your body has to expel the dead fat cells through your lymphatic system, and that simply takes time. It also takes some time for collagen production to ramp up. But once your results do show up, you can be confident that they’ll last for many years, as this treatment also permanently reduces the number of fat cells in the treatment area. 

Can you use Evolve or CryoSlim to lose weight?

We won’t sugarcoat it: the answer is no. While both treatments can sculpt the body, they don’t result in all-over fat loss. They’re good for targeting specific areas that don’t respond to sensible diet and exercise. Where we gain weight on our bodies is largely out of our control–much of it is genetically determined (thanks, mom and dad). So, if you’re at your ideal weight, but if one or two target areas aren’t as lean as you would like, then body sculpting treatments can help you. 

In conclusion, go for CryoSlim if targeted fat reduction in a specific area is your primary goal. And go for Evolve if you're looking for targeted fat reduction and/or reducing the appearance of cellulite.

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