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Why is Gen Z so open about getting work done?

Could stigma around beauty treatments finally be improving?

July 17, 2023

There’s a big difference between Gen Z and older generations. Sure, they’re more tech savvy, but an even bigger difference is their attitude towards cosmetic procedures and treatments, including plastic surgery and Botox. MedSpa and plastic surgery content is all over TikTok from Gen Z creators like Alix Earle, which means it’s never been easier to find out what the experience of getting these treatments is really like. Previous generations used to treat Botox or laser hair removal like secrets. But a cultural change is underway. Here’s why Gen Z are starting to open up about getting work done, and embrace it as normal. 

Gen Z wants to try things out that are minimally invasive and reversible.

According to reporting from the Washington Post, Gen Z want minimally invasive treatments like Botox and dermal fillers. Why? There are a couple of reasons. Botox and filler are both good preventative measures. Getting Botox regularly as soon as mobile wrinkles start to show up will keep them from deepening over time. Same with fillers–if you start getting them at the first sign of volume loss, it keeps you looking better for longer. But the second reason is because they like the idea of trying things out in a way that’s minimally invasive and temporary. They look at cosmetic treatments the way that older generations think of makeup–something to try out for a little while as a form of self-expression. 

Gen Z girlies don’t gate keep with each other.

Gen Z views gatekeeping information as bad form. This generation grew up online, and they’re used to sharing every aspect of their lives online. Cosmetic treatments aren’t any different. So they end up more educated about what they want to do–whether it’s filler or a breast augmentation–because they have an attitude of sharing and transparency. 

Gen Z believes in body autonomy. 

To Gen Z, bodily autonomy is a holistic value. It includes all kinds of physical self expression, from tattoos to hair dye to nonsurgical nose jobs. This means that on the whole, Gen Z is much more supportive than older generations when it comes to cosmetic treatments. Instead of telling their friend, “you don’t need lip filler! Why are you doing that?” they are more likely to say, “I support your choice to do what you want with your own body.” Because they are more accepting with each other, they’re more likely to talk about it openly. 

Being real about the time, help, and money it takes to look good acknowledges that many beauty standards are hard to achieve alone. 

Unless you won the genetic lottery, the truth is that looking good takes work. The upside to MedSpa beauty treatments is they reduce the work that you have to do and transfer it over to trained professionals. Instead of putting hours of hard work into your gym workouts, you can get Emsculpt NEO or Evolve and get a shortcut to bigger muscles and reduced body fat (in targeted areas like the tummy or glutes). It’s refreshing that we are starting to acknowledge how much work it takes to look good–we now roll our eyes when a celebrity says the key to their snatched waist is lemon water. We know better. Even if most celebs won’t say what they’ve had done, the fact that so many influencers are sharing their treatments dispels the myth that looking good is something that just “happens”.

We think Gen Z can teach older generations a lot. Almost everyone has a little something they’d like to change about how they look–whether it’s their hair color, the shape of their lips, or cellulite. Instead of being ashamed of wanting to change how they look, Gen Z embraces the opportunity to make it happen. By being honest about what treatments they get, Gen Z is changing the tone of the conversation about cosmetic treatments from shame to acceptance, and we’re here for it.

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