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Why Upkeep Is The Best Botox App

For starters, we're the only one that actually lets you book Botox.

February 22, 2023

Here’s the deal: it’s hard to find a good Botox app. If you’ve tried looking for one, the first problem you encounter is a bunch of apps that will help “visualize” how you look with Botox. Um, no thank you–you want the real thing, please. The second problem you’ll encounter is that other ‘Botox apps’ don’t actually help you book Botox, they mostly just help you get rewards points from a specific pharmaceutical brand like Allergan or Galderma. You still have to call a local medspa–or sometimes several–to get your appointments booked, and availability can be a nightmare. 

But what you really want is an app that helps you book Botox on-demand–an app that makes your beauty routine simplified. That’s why we created Upkeep–because there wasn’t an app for Botox that met our expectations, so we decided to make our own. (Yeah, we’re kind of perfectionists that way). 

What’s the point of an app with a Botox filter?

This sounds like a cute idea–wouldn’t it be great to see how you would look with Botox? But no Botox app filter is going to accurately replicate what a qualified injector does. A good Botox injector is like an artist–they analyze and understand your unique face and its movements–which is why no visualizer app will be able to convey that personalized, customized approach. We don’t want to dream about it, we want to make it happen. 

What are the limitations of a Botox app for points only?

There are a couple of apps out there that will help you earn rewards points for treatments like Botox and fillers. But they come with a major catch–you can only earn rewards from using the specific pharmaceutical company that owns the app. So if you usually get Juvederm for your lip injections but you want to try Restylane Kysse–guess what, you can’t use those rewards points, because those products are manufactured by two different pharma brands. Not to be rude, but we think that’s kind of silly. With Upkeep, you don’t have to be loyal to specific brands; you can try different injectables based on what your provider uses and what you prefer. 

With Upkeep you can also earn rewards points from every type of treatment we offer–from laser hair removal to Hydrafacial to Emsculpt Neo. And we don’t nickel-and-dime you either; you earn rewards for every purchase you make in the app–no hoops to jump through, no minimums, no fine print. You can redeem your points for Botox (of course) or for filler or a Hydrafacial, so you have options. 

How does Upkeep help me find Botox near me?

Upkeep partners with top-tier local Medspas so you can book with them with just a few taps on your phone. You can compare availability at different Medspas, and next-day appointments are also available for many treatments. All our partners go through an extensive vetting process, so you know you’re getting the best experience possible–and the best results. Simply download the app to get started, and you’ll never have to wait on hold to book Botox again. 

Upkeep is a Botox app for iPhone, but we’re working on making it compatible with Android phones as well. Let us know if you’re an Android user who’s interested in Upkeep!

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