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You’ll Want To Try These 7 MedSpa Treatments This Summer

It’s the season of low maintenance beauty–here’s how to prepare.

May 21, 2024

Now that summer is here, it’s time to streamline your beauty routine. Quick and easy is key–now that the days are long and hot, who wants to be worrying about touching up makeup? And why have to worry about shaving or waxing to get ready for your beach getaway? That’s where MedSpa treatments come in.

PRF injections

PRF injections are a natural alternative to filler. PRF stands for platelet rich fibrin, a substance created from a single vial of your own blood. Your provider spins this blood in a centrifuge, which separates nourishing growth factors and platelets from other components of blood. When injected into the skin (most commonly under the eyes), your body responds to PRF by creating more collagen and restoring volume–naturally! If you want your under eye area to look well-rested no matter what, PRF should be your go-to treatment for a makeup-free, naturally gorgeous summer. 

Filler eyebrow lift

When you think of an “eyebrow lift” you probably think of Botox or a PDO thread lift. But there’s a way to subtly lift the tail of your brows that you might not know about with filler. A strategic injection of a small amount of filler lifts your eyebrows and makes the eye area appear enhanced and more open. Bonus: it lasts longer than Botox does.


Chemical Peels

If your biggest goal is to have smooth, more even-toned skin, a chemical peel is perfect. A chemical peel is a form of alpha hydroxy acid that helps dissolve old skin cells, revealing new skin underneath. This treatment has 2-7 days of downtime, since your skin really will peel off–but it’s totally worth it for how effective it is. A series of light chemical peels has become the norm in the industry, since side effects and down time are both more manageable. Just be sure to follow your provider’s aftercare instructions to maintain your results! 

Forma Facial

The Forma facial is nicknamed the “forever facial” because of how long it lasts–up to a year on average (and possibly even longer!). It uses radiofrequency heat to trigger increased collagen and elastin production. The result is skin that’s snatched, firm, and tightened. For rejuvenation and improved contours that look really natural, Forma is our favorite. 

Morpheus8 for Body

We’ve always loved Morpheus8 for what it can do for our faces. But did you know that it works on the body, too? This treatment combines radiofrequency heat with microneedling to tighten and firm your skin. It has multiple microneedling settings, depending on what you’re looking to treat. For body, Morpheus8 can help with everything from loose skin to cellulite to stretch marks and scars. It’s the best way to get bikini ready.

Laser hair removal

Make last summer the last summer you ever shave, and get laser hair removal instead. This technology has improved a lot, so unlike what you may have heard, there are lasers that work on all skin tones and hair colors. You’ll never have to worry about running out of razor cartridges again. Note that while you’re getting laser hair removal, you likely won’t be able to use sunless tan products, as they can interfere with the treatment process and reduce effectiveness. But the promise of smoother skin forever? Totally worth the trade.

Trap Botox

Last summer was the summer of Barbie–and that’s set to continue in a major way for the trendy treatment she helped popularize, Barbie Botox. It’s a Botox injection in the trapezius muscles, the triangular muscles that connect your neck and your shoulders. Why should you try it? Chances are your traps are tight, sore, or even overdeveloped because they get stressed from the posture of modern life: sitting looking at a screen. Botox temporarily paralyzes this muscle, resulting in subtle lengthening of your neck and a lot of tension relief. If you have chronic tension headaches, your traps are probably making it worse, since they connect to the muscles in your head and neck. Get the Barbie look and relief you deserve with Trap Botox. 

Where to book all 7 MedSpa treatments near me?

You can book these treatments–and more–in seconds on the Upkeep app. Calling around for availability is not the vibe anymore–get Upkeep to make your beauty dreams come true this year! Download Upkeep now in the App Store or Google Play.

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