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Your Complete Advanced Aesthetics Glossary

Wondering what a “CC” of filler is? We’ve got you.

December 29, 2023

If you’re new to the world of advanced aesthetics, welcome! We’re so happy you’re here. Not only is it a world of self-care, self-expression, and dedication to looking your best, it also has a lot of…terminology. Some of it can be confusing and intimidating. That’s why we created a rundown of common MedSpa terms, so you can confidently book your treatments, express your desires and preferences, and impress everyone with your savvy.

Bodysculpting: Any non-invasive treatment that tightens, tones, or reduces fat cells on the body using cryolipolysis, radiofrequency, or other kinds of electromagnetic energy. This includes CoolSculpting, CryoSlim, EvolveX, Morpheus8, and Emsculpt Neo. 

Botox “units”: Botox units are based on the number of botulinum molecules in a vial. You need different numbers of units for each treatment area. For example, Botox in the forehead usually takes about 25-35 units. 

Cc’s/syringes of filler: Each syringe equals 1 cc, or cubic centimeter, of volume. For lip filler you’d typically start with one syringe. For context, a teaspoon is 5 cc’s–so it doesn’t take very much filler at all to make a big difference.

Cryolipolysis: the process of exposing fat cells to very cold temperatures. The cold permanently damages fat cells, while leaving other skin cells and organs intact. Your body then naturally eliminates the dead fat cells through your lymphatic system. This is used in bodysculpting treatments, including CryoSlim. 

Dermal fillers: Fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, a substance your skin naturally produces. Fillers are available in different textures depending on the treatment area. They restore volume to the face and can also be used to sculpt features like the jaw or even the nose. Some common brand names include Restylane and Juvederm. 

Dermis and epidermis: Your epidermis is the top layer of skin, which is visible. Your epidermis has five layers. But underneath your epidermis is the dermis, which is where the blood vessels, hair follicles, and lymphatics are located. The dermis also houses subcutaneous fat, which helps you store energy and maintain body heat. Some medspa treatments like the Hydrafacial work on the dermis, or top layer of skin, while others, like Morpheus8, penetrate into the dermis. 

Facial balancing: facial balancing is the practice of strategically injecting filler to create greater facial symmetry and even out proportions. 

Frontalis: the muscle in the forehead that’s responsible for forehead wrinkles. 

Glabella: the muscle between the eyebrows that causes those pesky “eleven” lines. 

Masseter: the muscle in your jaw responsible for teeth grinding. Injecting Botox in the masseter muscle can also make your face look slimmer. 

PRP: platelet rich plasma, a gel made from your own blood that helps trigger your skin’s healing response when used in conjunction with microneedling. This is the substance used for a “vampire” facial–but don’t let it gross you out! The gel they use doesn’t look like blood anymore, because it’s been spun, heated, and cooled in a centrifuge to extract the cells that are the most helpful for healing. 

PRF: platelet rich fibrin, an even more powerful variant of PRP that has even more growth factors to support skin healing. It can be used with microneedling for all over facial rejuvenation, or as an injection in more targeted areas like the tear troughs. 

Radiofrequency: technically, radiofrequency is electromagnetic energy with a frequency between 3 kHz - 300 gHz. In the MedSpa, you experience it as heat. Radiofrequency is a non-ionizing wavelength of energy, which means that the controlled exposure to it you experience in a MedSpa setting is safe. RF energy is key to many treatments for skin tightening and to fight the signs of aging, including Forma, Morpheus8, EvolveX, and Emsculpt Neo. It works by triggering your body’s natural healing response so it produces more collagen and elastin.   

Nasolabial folds: the folds or lines that extend from the nostrils out to the corners of the mouth.

Neuromodulator: any injectable that temporarily stops muscles from moving, like Botox, Xeomin, Dysport, or Daxxify. 

Non-surgical nose job: dermal filler can be used in some cases to make the nose look straighter or to lift the tip of the nose. This is called a non surgical nose job because you don’t need surgery to fix a bump in your nose or adjust the shape. But non-surgical nose jobs can’t make your nose smaller, and can only be used in specific cases.

The Russian Technique: a kind of filler technique that prioritizes a defined cupid’s bow and vertical height rather than outward projection. 

Trapezius: the triangle-shaped muscles between your neck and shoulders that tend to get tense or overactive from hours of sitting at a screen. Trapezius muscles can be injected with Botox or other neuromodulators to relieve tension and headaches, or to create the appearance of a longer, more slender neck. 

Ready to book 35 units in your glabellar lines? Or get 1 cc with the Russian technique? Then download our app, Upkeep! It’s the only app that lets you find, book, and pay for MedSpa treatments on demand, with just a few taps of your finger. You can compare availability at top MedSpas near you and find an appointment time that works with your schedule. Download Upkeep via the App Store or Google Play to make your beauty goals come true.

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