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How MedSpa Treatments Can Help You Achieve Your Dream Body

Three magic words: skip the gym.

February 3, 2023

If you’re like us, then you love working out and staying healthy. And if you’re serious about the gym, you probably have some performance or aesthetic goals you’ve been working hard to meet. There’s just one problem: building muscle or burning fat in the gym (or trying to do both!) takes a ton of time and effort. Fat loss, when done in a sustainable way, can take many months. Meanwhile, building muscle is also hard–and it’s difficult to build muscle without being in a calorie surplus, which means you tend to gain a little bit of fat at the same time. These realities can interfere with achieving your fitness goals. 

But there’s another way to lose fat or gain muscle. MedSpa body contour treatments help achieve your aesthetic goals with less time and effort than it would take in the gym. They use technology to either burn fat, build muscle, or both. Here are three non-invasive MedSpa body contour treatments that can help achieve your goals…and even skip the gym sometimes ;) 

Emsculpt NEO

This revolutionary treatment combines fat-melting radiofrequency heat with muscle-building electromagnetic pulses. We wrote an in-depth blog about it here. Emsculpt NEO has the power to burn fat and build muscle simultaneously. The radiofrequency heat melts fat away, while the electromagnetic pulses work your muscles harder than exercise. You can use it on the glutes, quads, and abdomen–all places where we commonly want to build muscle. One treatment session on the abs is roughly equivalent to 20,000 sit-ups. Average results are a 30% decrease in fat and a 25% increase in muscle volume. One thing we love about Emsculpt NEO is it can be used on patients with a BMI of up to 35. 


CryoSlim is an option that reduces fat in targeted areas. You can read our detailed treatment guide here, but basically, it works by freezing fat cells, which causes them to shrink and become naturally eliminated by the body. CryoSlim is a great option for reducing fat in traditionally ‘stubborn’ areas like the belly, thighs, and arms. The main upside of CryoSlim is you can lose fat in targeted areas without having to go into a calorie deficit, or spending tons of time on the treadmill.


Finally, there’s Evolve. Evolve offers three different treatment modalities in one machine: Trim, Tone, and Tite. All of these treatments involve the power of radiofrequency heat, which do different things when targeted at different levels. Evolve Tite treats skin laxity, which can be common after life changes like weight loss or pregnancy. But for our skip-the-gym purposes, Trim and Tone are the treatments you want. Evolve Trim can help reduce the appearance of cellulite, or you can use it to reduce areas of stubborn fat, like the belly, arms, and hips. Finally, Evolve Tone uses electric muscle stimulation to increase muscle volume. So if you’re looking to just build muscle and don’t want to lose any fat in the treatment area, Evolve Tone is a great choice.  

All of these treatments take several sessions to see results–4-6 sessions are a good baseline for most of them. Treatment sessions last about half an hour on average. But when you compare the time commitment for these treatments to the many hours of effort in the gym, you’ll find they’re more than worth the trade. 

Ready to skip the gym…but look like you didn’t? There’s a super easy way to book all these MedSpa treatments: the Upkeep app. We designed it to make achieving your beauty goals seamless and stress-free, partnering with only the best MedSpas and offering the industry’s most trusted and effective treatments. Download the app to get one step closer to your dream body.

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